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Veterans United Home Loans is where I did an internship in 2012. I was a web application developer responsible for working on new features to the internal software being used by the hundreds of employees at the company.

During my months as an intern, I rotated through various development teams across the Columbia, MO area. Development teams I worked with included loan processing, business intelligence, the help desk, and database management among others. For a majority of my internship, I worked on features for the help desk team. My biggest project for them was implementing a system to keep track of large-scale issues throughout the company. This alert system was a highly requested feature to be added to the system. Previous to this systems implementation, the help desk was flooded with emails for any widespread issue. If a buildings printer stopped working, every employee who used it emailed the help desk to let them know it was broken. Now with the system in place, an employee can check the help desk alert system to see if the techs are already aware of the problem.

The system I implemented also keeps logs of the problems. The techs are able to update the status of the problem so that employees will always be updated on any ongoing issues.