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Cialis Generika Online Apotheke is the first project I have undertaken that has an overseas client. Most projects that I have worked on have been for school or personal growth, but Vertty is for a paying client with a tight deadline.

I am acting as a front-end developer for this project. The development team that I am working with is made-up of three people: a designer, front-end developer, and a back-end developer. I received the designs from the designer and had a week to turn them into something that I could hand to the back-end developer, so that he could implement an e-commerce feature into the web application.

Technically speaking, my job for Vertty was a fairly simple one that included HTML, CSS, and Javascript and jQuery along with utilizing Twitter Bootstrap to help with the layout. I gained valuable experience, however, since this was my first real-life client and strict deadline outside of a formal work environment and school.